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Apr 5, 2013 4:30am PDT
around by the environment. . >> okay, thank you, craig, so much. thank you for coming. craig is happy to take some more informal questions in back and of course his book, house of rain, is available for sale in back too. thank you so much and thank you, craig childs. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * >> good evening i am the director of the culture association and devoted to the program and here we have master of arts. (applause). (speaking spanish) (speaking spanish). >> what he is saying that thanks to the bant. bante he got funding for of the peru vaifian culture and got approved. >> (speaking spanish). >> okay. >> good. (speaking spanish). >> so we have a variety of instruments -- that we're going to be showing you. >> (speaking spanish). >> the name of the instrument is called tale boheha. >> (speaking spanish). >> it was a time in peru when the africans were prohibited from playing or making instruments. >> (speaking spanish). >> so they were forced to make their own instruments. >> (speaking spanish). >> so they use the surroundings and big jars
Apr 18, 2013 1:35am PDT
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Apr 5, 2013 3:30am PDT
exhibitions here at the library. thank you so much for coming to our exhibition tonight with author craig childs. he's been jet setting all over the country promoting his new book, the house of rain. we also want to thank the publishers for bringing craig to us and we also want to thank (inaudible) at the book table at the end of the program. craig childs is a commentator for national public radio's morning edition. he has written noert "new york times", the los angeles times and several magazines. his work has won the spirit of the west award as well as the colorado book award. the book, house of rain, is craig's latest book. please help me welcome craig childs. . >> hello. i come to you from out of the desert. i'm coming to you from a landscape where once you get an eye for things, 3 grains of sand out of place draw your attention, where everything is brought to bear, where everything is hinged to a story, every drop of rain leaving a dimple in the ground. stories are everywhere out in this landscape. when you walk down into the bottom of the narrow canyons made of sandstone and you put
Apr 19, 2013 5:00pm EDT
now on the telephone is craig dotlow, former fbi super visor. he spent 31 years in the new york city office. also with us is john clark, former u.s. marshal, service chief inspector, who ran a multiagency fugitive task force in southern california. gentlemen, thank you very much for joining us. we appreciate it. john clark, let me get your thoughts in terms of where we are right now, on what we've learned out of boston. >> it's obviously still very much a physical manhunt in the watertown area. they are still doing door to door searches, executing search warrants, in places that have been known to be associated with the suspects. but at the same time, behind the scenes and a lot is going on, as far as developing information about everything that ever has been in contact with the suspect, finding out who his associates, friends, family are. every piece of paper that he ever filled out that may have a reference on it, those types of things are being compiled to find out who he is, and where he might be headed. >> and craig dotlow, all of this being compiled as law officials look for th
Apr 20, 2013 7:00am PDT
. >>> good morning. i'm craig melvin. this is msnbc's continuing coverage of the developing situation in boston. we will have the latest live from boston in just a moment, but first, though, if you are just waking up and joining us, here are the very latest developments. the headline in this morning's "boston globe" says it all right there. "nightmare's end." the sound of celebration and cheers took the place of police sirens and gunfire last night in watertown, massachusetts, as a relieved community emerged from five days of terror that ended with the arrest of the surviving suspect in the boston marathon bombing. police cornered 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev in a two-hour standoff. he was hiding in a boat in the backtown of a watertown home. he had been shot, he lost a lot of blood. this morning he is in a boston area hospital. at last check he was listed in serious condition. after his capture, massachusetts governor deval patrick and authorities praised police efforts and the community's cooperation. >> it was a very, very complicated case, a very challenging case, and there are s
Apr 27, 2013 11:00am PDT
-quart annuals, four for just ten bucks. >>> a good saturday afternoon to you, i'm craig mel vichblt you are watching msnbc, the place for politics, coming to you live from the nation's capital. congress did something they rarely do these days, vote for something. >> members of this house are going to run for the airports and they will pat themselves on the back and say job well done. >> now the faa has the funding it needs. meanwhile, other critical program funded by the feds are left stuck on the tarmac. >> for the syrian government to utilize chemical weapons on its people crosses a line. >> president obama faces the heat from the hawks as evidence mounts of chemical weapon use inside syria. >> i gave it my best. i gave my best shot for america. and that's all you can do in life. >> and america takes another look at the 43rd president. we will give you an insiders a view of the george w. bush library dedication. >>> first though, breaking news we need to bring you up to speed about here, the first from southern afghanistan where four american servicemen were killed in a plane crash to
Apr 6, 2013 11:00am PDT
but one keeps looking more and more inevitab inevitab inevitable. good saturday to you, i'm craig melvin, you're watching msnbc, the place for politics. >> these were two tremendously good and moral people. >> services held yesterday for the slain texas district attorney and his wife. the possible connection between white supremacists and their killings, we have fresh new information on that. >>> a little bit later, actor wendell pierce is talking about what he is dog get his hometown of new orleans back on his feet. a lot to get to this saturday afternoon. we start, we begin with brinksmanship. >>> tension continues to grow today on the korean peninsula, north korean missile remain in place and foreign diplomats are decide building to heed warnings from the north korean government that they should leave the country. nbc's jim maceda is live for us in seoul, south korea. jim, it seems that every day, we are closing to a conflict in that part of the world. what's the sense of urgency where you are? >> reporter: hi, craig. well, there is obviously a sense of urgency, i'm coming to you from
Apr 20, 2013 1:35am PDT
some copies? ...with the tanning bed? ♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? farts. [laughter] craig: geoffrey, i have something to tell you. geoff: what's that, craig? craig: i would like you to get your pilots license. geoff: oh, and why? craig: because i feel you were left out this evening with my friends laughing at the dehavilland beaver and bush pilot. i think you would enjoy the entendre opportunities of a life in the skies. geoff: i would lover it just so i could say to people--get off my plane! [applause] craig: good night, everybody. marathon bombing suspect was caught. ===pause sot=== "...justice is being served" ===vo cont=== the tip that led police right to him. and why the older brother was ot radar.. 2 years ago. . >>> this is kpix 5 news. >>> tonight we're getting our first look at the moment when the second marathon bombing suspect was caught. >> justice is being served. >> the tip that led police right to him and why the older brother was on the fbi's radar two years ago. gooevending i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm ken. the week of terror is over. le
Apr 27, 2013 1:35am PDT
[laughter] [applause] craig: geoffrey? geoff: yes, craig? craig: you know when i stand by the fire in the evening and warm my testicles? geoff: yes, yes. craig: i think i may have singed them. i need you to take me to the emergency room. i'm in a great deal of pain. geoff: well, i'll be glad to help, mr. ferguson. now begin by dropping your trousers. craig: why, if i had a nickel for every time i heard that. good night, everybody. captioned by the national captioning institute ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> this is kpix 5 news. >>> where in the world is demetrius storm? one of the bay area's most wanted fugitives strikes again and again. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. cops say he's been all over the map, stealing cars at pretty much every stop. and he is now upping his game. >> reporter: the crime spree of the one of the bay area's most wanted men has gone on so long, it's hard to keep count. >> you are victim no. 30-something. >> reporter: troy walked out to his car this morning on huckleberry lane to find a thief had rifled through his glove box
Apr 7, 2013 12:00pm PDT
>>> good afternoon. i'm craig melvin. are watching msnbc, the place for politics. >>> president obama heads to connecticut tomorrow to push for stricter gun legislation. we'll talk to one senator lobbying for reform since that fateful day in december. >>> plus, immigration or bust? why one lawmaker theirs without an immigration deal the budget plan is dead on arrival. >>> and later, "madmen" season six debuts tonight. we'll talk to a bona fide tv expert who says the award-winning show has changed television as we know it. >>> a lot to get to. we start with our political headlines. the house and senate released their budgets. this week, it's the president's turn. planning to unveil it wednesday. dan pfeiffer talked about it this morning. seen y senior white house adviser. >> based on my bracket, i shouldn't be in the predictions business. a good chance if the republicans particularly in the house take a my way or the highway, we won't get a deal. simple as that. >> the chinese government expressed today "grave outrage," a rising grave concern, rising tensions between north and so
Comedy Central
Apr 4, 2013 11:00pm PDT
thought they would never accept the idea. >> jon: daniel craig jumping out of the plane. >> we thought that would be -- we said we'll use a double and get helen mirren and they said no we would like to do it and her majesty would like to play herself. that was a surreal moment. you go, no i think we've been hacked by a newspaper in britain. >> jon: yeah. >> she did it and we went there on the day and we shot the scene in the kind of greeting room, the presentational room where she meets heads of state. she lives next door. she asked me to go there. it's like a regular place cushions and tea trays and newspapers every where. she got up and said hello. >> jon: is it a necessary is like when you walk in are you like? [laughter] really, you don't have a jar for the hard candy, you leave it on the floor. >> she got up and said, i've been at the dentist all morning so i'm not in a very good mood. what do you want know do. and she did it. it was fantastic. i think the reason she did it is i think she wanted a day out of the day job. she wanted time off like to make a movie with a many ofy sta
Apr 21, 2013 11:00pm PDT
, but in the end, never really hearing what the other was saying. i'm craig heeps for a second look. >> when we come back on a second look, the investigations into what happened at waco. a bit later, disturbing testimony from a 14-year-old girl about branch devidian leader david koresh. >>> tonight a second look revisits the siege of the branch devidian compound in waco texas 20 years tonight. it was easy to see what went wrong in waco. the question is why it went wrong. government cover ups had muddies the water more. craig heaps had this look at this investigation that followed the siege in waco. >> reporter: in the days after the siege ended in the smoking ashes of waco lay many questions and few answers. formost among the questions what went wrong with the original raid and how did that deadly fire start that ended the siege. when they first approached the compound, atf agents were relying on the element of the surprise. but the branch devidian seemed to know they were coming. >> we had everything, the intelligence, what we had was someone who eliminated the element of surprise which is wha
Apr 21, 2013 12:00pm PDT
the boston bombing suspect was arrested. good sunday. i'm craig melvin. you're watching msnbc. at any moment we could learn specifically which charges 19-year-old dzhokhar sars irv will face. what happens after that? >> this man should be designated a potential enemy. >> mirandizing him would be a horrible idea. >> calling for muslims in america -- >> 99% of muslims are outstanding americans. the fact is, that's where the threat is coming up. >>> up to speed on the latest in the boston marathon investigation. again, the 19-year-old suspect still listed in serious condition. nbc news confirmed that the suspect was wounded in the throat, and at this point he cannot speak. meanwhile, people gathered today at a makeshift memorial at the marathon finish line. the governor of boston and the mayor calling for a moment of silent tomorrow afternoon at 2:58 p.m., the time of the blast. this aerial infrared footage showed how they were able to locate the suspect hiding out in a boat stored in a watertown backyard. that's not the picture of the infrared footage but we'll show it to you later. 15 people
Apr 23, 2013 1:35am PDT
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Apr 24, 2013 1:35am PDT
♪ what did we learn on the show tonight craig [meow] craig: alas, geoffrey. i knew him horatio. a fellow of infinite jest, a gay robot skeleton. geoff: when shall we too meet again in thunder, lightning or in rain? craig: when the hurley burly's done, when the borne pills are finished. done, when the borne pills are finished. geoff: here come craig. ♪ male narrator: there's something positive being generated in california. when ordinary energy is put in the hands of extraordinary people, amazing things happen. the kind of things that drive us to do more, to go further, to be better. we're dedicated to being a company you can count on, because you've always been customers we believe in. your energy plus ours. together, there's no limit to what we can achieve. omgannnd chipotle is totes chitrending.cken club is craze amaze. spicy crispy chicken, hickory smoked bacon, melting cheese, and smoky chipotle sauce plus fries and a drink for $4.99? that combo is chipot-cray. and chipotle is my hashtag faveflave. let me guess-you're the new social media intern. yeah! great. i'm late for
Apr 1, 2013 8:00am PDT
craig timburg who wrote an article explaining the experiment. craig, good to have you here. where are you? you're outside right now, are you >> don't tell my boss, i'm in santa barbara, california. >> i knew it looked nice out there i knew looked nice. now we have got than out of the way, let's talk about this psychologist and should note that robert epstein, the sigh co -- the psychologist, a beef with google there is no evidence google ever manipulated sites why did the psychologist do the experiment and come back with the substantial support that he think it is could affect elections? >> he had one of those experiences with going that will can be frustrating, his site was blocked because some hackers had broken into the site. in the course of kind of wrestling that out, he became concerned about how powerful google was over what we see and hear and really how we think. and so, as a behavioral psychologist, he decided to test the effects of google's search rankings on their way people perceive political candidates. he set up experiments that showed an effect he said is very cons
Apr 20, 2013 11:00am PDT
's next for the city of boston? good saturday afternoon, i'll craig melvin. want to get you up-to-date on the latest from boston. here is what we know right now. terror suspect dzhokar tsarnaev is in custody at this hour, being treated for his wounds the boston hospital. he was captured by police late last night you can around 8:45 after a massive manhunt, there is a growing controversy today over whether questioning him before he receives miranda warning is the right thing to do. a short time ago, the aclu put out a statement saying every defendant is entitled to defend miranda lights. five lawmakers want him treated as an enemy combatant. 53 people remain in boston hospitals today, three in critical condition, including a 7-year-old girl. nbc news national investigative correspondent michaels i cough is in boston, ron allen outside boston's beth israel medical center where the suspect and many of the victims are being kept and kristen we willinger at the white house, let's get to the latest on investigation. for that, we turn to michaels i cough, again, in boston. what is the
Apr 28, 2013 5:00pm PDT
. it's thrown away at third base. guy craig ga -- guy craig ga is yelling at him to get up and run home and he does and is save. a's end a four-game slide with an extra inning 9-8 victory. >> nba playoffs, the miami heat send the bucks packing. heat had to do it without wade dwayne dwayne wade, nursing a knee injury. but that's what they have lebron james. heat sweeps the bucks, winning all four games by double-digits, 88-77 the final. >> celtics avoiding a sweep by the knicks. paul pierce doing his part. great move here. throws it down. 29 for pierce. boston led by as many as 20 but the knicks closed the gap in the third. felton, three of his 27. knicks down three after three, game ultimately decided in o.t. jason terry, 18 for him. celtics win. knicks still lead the series 3-1. >>> let's tee it up at the zurich classic. we had another new winner. shot a 7-under 65. four straight birdies on the back nine. finished 19-under. one back. tied a pga record with six straight birdies. almost broke a record. just missed a birdie on 13. he did have one 0 bogey on the day as well. he finished in
Apr 19, 2013 1:35am PDT
♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? >> sacre bleu! craig: not really a sorting hat, is it, eddie or is it? slytherin! [laughter] hufflepuff. [laughter] adorable! good night, everybody! ,,,,,,,, medications? i don't know. last immunization shots? really? honey, what's my blood pressure medicine called? one time i took something and i blew up like a puffer fish. i'm probably allergic to that. at kaiser permanente, your medical information is available to you and your doctors. quickly. securely. no guesswork required. better information. better care. kaiserpermanente. thrive. >>> this is kpix 5 news. >>> breaking news. a crazy situation unfolding near boston right now. gunfire. explosions. a suspect facedown on the ground. and tonight the question, is this related to the man hunt for the boston marathon bombers? good evening. i'm juliette goodrich. let's go right to watertown. that's where a manhunt started after a police officer was shot and killed tonight on the m.i.t. campus. police immediately started looking for two suspects in that shooting. here now is dramatic
Apr 3, 2013 1:00pm PDT
system, craig ghetto from the retirement and craig to speak on this item as well. i will do the overview but i want to acknowledge that most of what i was going to present has already been summarized. next slide please. so what is libo. i think we clearly heard it is the london inter -- rate assumed by lending banks in london. that they could charge if they were to borrow funds from another bank. it is the most quoted rate. it is published under the auspices of the british bankers association, and it's been in place since 1998. it is an index representing the benchmark rate in the london money markets. it is the most widely used benchmark rate for -- interest rates in the world providing basis for establishing interest rates on financial products ranging from commercial loans to -- contracts. it is also considered the most critical benchmark for short-term interest rate and is calculated from many different borrowing periods from overnight, one month, three months, up to a year and has different -- of currency as the euro, et cetera. the 18 banks that participate in the submission, and t
Apr 21, 2013 8:14am PDT
of other experts in the audience. i hope they will share with us. we have craig from the planning department. we have david bono witz, all kinds of folks here. feel free to chirp in. our plan is to take a couple-block tour and look at buildings, some of which survived the quake and some retrofitted. we will end up at 1230 at the mos connie center. we will look at them burning four model buildings. >> trying to burn. >> okay. where are we walking to. >> first let's know why we're meeting here. in 1906, this was the main drag into san francisco. this is how you came into san francisco. at this intersection, there were three major buildings. the call building, the examiner, and the chronicle. and the three major papers at that time all wanted to be at this intersection. this building has been enlarged and a number of stories added so you can't see the historic character from this building from what it looked like in 06. it survived a fire as most steel framed buildings -- i'm sorry. survived the earthquake as most steel-framed buildings did. here is the chronicle building. it also
Apr 15, 2013 11:00pm EDT
at the capital. >> lauren demarco. let's go to craig boswell in boston. president obama and the white house treating this as an act of terrorism. no suspect in custody right now so where does the investigation stand? >> good evening to you brian. the f.b.i. is taking control of this investigation along with the boston joint terrorism task force. off to my left is a blast sight. the 15 block area will be locked down as bomb crews are scouring that area to look for information anything they can get to figure out how these bombs were made where they were placed in trash canisters that type of thing -- we heard from hospital officials talking about the injuries caused by shrapnel in the form of ball bearings so we've learned that about the types of bombs so far looking certainly to get more information on that as we can learn it. five uneks sploxploded devices found, brian. that's very crucial piece of information as they'll be able to see how these things are related together. i wanted to clear up something we were talking about earlier. there is one individual being questioned in connection t
FOX News
Apr 5, 2013 1:00pm PDT
the healthcare law is now the biggest concern of and for employers. to market watcher craig smith on separating the fact from fiction. is it government spending slowing down because of sequestration? or is it consumers not spending? >> well, you and i both know what it is, eric. this is what is funny. i watched you talk about it on "the five" in december. i've watched the fox business anchors, talk about it, that when you go to raise taxes on the top 2% of american people, you are going to lose jobs, and guess what? we're seeing that slowdown right now eric. >> right. let me just jump in here -- >> the middle class americans with the social security tax that went up. that means less money for people to go out and eat out. i'm talking about the average wayne-earner help has $10,000 more in taxes this year there goes the gardeners, the maid, and now when less -- in my own situation in my own company, we lost a person this year attrition. we're not replacing that person because i don't know what have to deal with, with obamacare. i have to make sure i protect my other employees because they get pr
FOX News
Apr 21, 2013 4:00pm PDT
to a robbery at a nearby 7-eleven. craig boswell outside fenway park for us in boston. craig, boston's mayor no doubt wants to get his city back to normal. he says he has a way to do it. what is it? >> right. good evening to you, harris. there's a number of things that he wants to do, and certainly wants to do them as quickly as possible. one is getting boylston street fully open again. there's still a six-block area still shut down, still a crime scene. they talked about a five-part plan in order to get that portion -- to get all of that reopened. number one, they'll have to do biohazard testing there, environmental testing. they'll have to go through and do structural testing, making sure structures are safe. they'll have to remove debris, blast debris, people that left items there. they'll have to flush the hydrants through. step four is a limited reentry of some of the businesses along there, so they can get their businesses ready to open, and then the reopening to everyone there along boylston street. there are memorials on both sides. they'll have to remove the memorials and make a per
Apr 17, 2013 1:35am PDT
. ♪ what did we learn on the show tonight craig [meow] craig: good night, everybody. good night. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncic,,,,,,,,,, omg, stop. jack, your new chipotle chicken club is craze amaze. annnd chipotle is totes trending. spicy crispy chicken, hickory smoked bacon, melting cheese, and smoky chipotle sauce plus fries and a drink for $4.99? that combo is chipot-cray. and chipotle is my hashtag faveflave. let me guess-you're the new social media intern. yeah! great. i'm late for a meeting. can you make some copies? ...with the tanning bed? . >>> this is kpix 5 news. >>> as hundreds honor the marathon bombing victims. tonight we are getting our first look at what's left of the deadly device. >> someone knows who did this. >> good evening i'm elizabeth cook. these excliesive photos from fox 5 atlanta show what remains of the boston bombs. the feds say they were made from pressure cookers packed with slap nel intended to hurt as many people as possible. investigators say they'll try to reconstruct the devices to determine who built them and why
Apr 9, 2013 12:00pm PDT
are women more effective lawmakers than men. welcome, craig. >> thanks for having me on the show. >> i like your polarized party differences hypothesis. you're saying when the parties are more polarized, both majority and minority party women will be more effective than males. in the situation that we're in now, when there is more polarization between the parties, minority party women are more effective and majority party women are not any more effective. explain the hypothesis and why it is so. >> let me give you a little background. we check any bill that any member of the house of representatives sponsored from 1973 to the prep. 140,000 bills. and we weighted them in terms of how important they were. reform on social security being more weighty than renaming the post office. we gave every member a score. we anlized the scores and we found the obvious things. it helps to be in the majority party. it helps to be a committee chair. seniority is important. controlling for all those factors, we found on average women arer month effective than men in congress. we dug down deeper and found that
Apr 17, 2013 8:00am PDT
of state john kerry this morning talking about the terror attacks in boston. i'm craig melvin filling in for thomas roberts. new pictures, new information about the bombs used in a deadly attack at the boston p marathon. all of this as president obama gets ready to comfort the victims in that city tomorrow. these are new images in to us from reuters appearing to show a circuit board, timers and other parts of the devices as well. authorities believe each bomb may have weigh ed about 20 pounds. they were packed with nails and ball bearings as well. the fbi says it's found the mangled remains of what appears to be a pressure cooker in a black nylon back that possibly held the bombs. the fbi is also examining photos like this one where you can see what looks like a trash bag next to a mailbox. that same shot just moments after shows a devastating scene. invest garretigators are lookin whether the devices were put in trash bags to hide them. meantime, they continue to ask the public for help in the form of pictures, videos and tips. >> the person who did this is someone's friend, neighbor
Apr 28, 2013 12:00pm PDT
>>> and a good sunday afternoon to you. i'm craig melvin. you're watching msnbc, the place for politic, and we start with boston and the questions left unanswered. >> the big unknown is still that six months, a little over six months, in russia. >> there are persons of interest in the united states. we're looking at phone calls before and after the bombing. >> who knew what, and when did they know? and what's being done to prevent the next attack? >> thank you. thank you. thank you. from the bottom of my heart. >> montana's max baucus makes the sixth democratic senator to say no thanks to another term in washington. what will that mean for 2014, plus, the president taking time out to make fun of himself, the press, and lots of others at the annual white house correspondents' dinner. >> in fact, i'm taking my charm offensive on the road. a texas barbecue with ted cruise, kentucky blue crass concert with rand paul, and a book burning with michele bachmann. >> here are today's political headlines. the investigation to the boston bombing opened up a controversy on capitol hill
FOX Business
Apr 2, 2013 8:00pm EDT
become energy independent in ten years. liz: craig, huey, seems like californiaments the oil revenues without the oil in all of the issues around it; right? i mean, let's go to the number quickly for the viewer. we're talking about california possibly having two-thirds of all of the continuous 48 states reserves, oil reserves there. that's double the shale in south dakota and eagle ford in texas comet bin -- combined. what's the problem? why doesn't california go after it? >> it's hard for people to understand because we talk about massive prosperity. talking about massive amount of jobs, talking about a state that's losing people, actually people coming back to california. we're talking about a situation where the liberal democrats in sacramento have bills right now to put a moratorium for the next ten years on being able to do fracking while they study it, and, really, what they want to do is kill it. here's the thing, this fracking will create prosperity for small business owners such as myself. it will create prosperity for people who right know are desperate for jobs. you know, i
FOX News
Apr 6, 2013 10:00pm PDT
. here is craig's crime time report. ♪ >> reporter: michael jackson as he prepared for his ill fated performance tour. ♪ >> reporter: the king of pop's genius captured in behind the scenes rehearsal video as he prepared for the sold out concert tour "this is it." ♪ >> reporter: before his death shocked the world. following the involuntary manslaughter conviction of dr. conrad murray the new trial will determine who was responsible for hiring the live in doctor and whether murray was there to tend to michael's mental and physical needs or to a concert promoters to get the ailing performer on stage to perform as promoters had promised. but the highly anticipated $40 billion lawsuit brought against aeg live by michael jackson's mother and children we wanted to get an idea of what michael jackson's fans feel about the latest legal wranglings. the. >> people that are around him are now after he is gone saying that there was something wrong but at time none of them do anything about it. >> reporter: would you want to hear the facts and circumstances or are you a jackson supporter becau
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Apr 18, 2013 4:00pm PDT
they consider the suspect armed and extremely dangerous. craig boswell live here in boston with us here again tonight. craig, good evening. >> will, good evening to you. adding to that fbi says if you see them, you know them, do not approach them. do not try to apprehend them. also, this is coming on an enormously busy news day here in boston. this video, and i don't think we can show this to you enough. this video and these photos. incredit dib clear these two suspects at one point they are seeing one walk behind the other near the finish line. one in a black hat, the gentleman in the black hat and a white collarless shirt. the other a white hat turned around backwards that is suspect number 2. that is in the area of the second bomb blast. they have seen him of video of actually setting that jacket down there or that with that bomb encased in that. that's the one that the two gentlemen want you to call, in do not approach them and let them know if you know these two gentlemen, someone knows them and sees who will he they are. >> bill: craig boswell, thanks. down the street here from our loca
Apr 15, 2013 10:00pm EDT
people to stay home and be on alert for suspicious activity. craig boswell live with more in boston. >> good evening. this city is on edge, very nervous tonight. flying in this evening at the airport or around the city anyone walking off and leaving a brief case police swoop in. it is a city just on edge tonight. hospitals have treated 141 people. some of them children including one of the fatalities an 8-year-old boy. there's a 15 block radius around the blast site as experts are scouring for evidence. >> chaos at the finish line at the boston marathon. a pair of explosions designed to maim and kill knocking runners and spectators off their feet the first blast came at the four hour mark in the race. >> it knocked me to the ground and then you know everybody started running, panicking. >> 12 seconds later another blast. the attack coming at the end of the 26.2 mile race. shell-shocked victims some with open wounds laying amongst debris and open glass. bystanders jumping into action. >> everybody is running in not knowing when the next one could happen but they ran in. they tore dow
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Apr 18, 2013 4:00pm EDT
strategist, has top places for you to make money. craig hodges says investors should use market weakness to buy great companies on sale. but let's start with tim mull hold land in -- mulholland in the pits of the cme. you say the s&p feels like it's down 10%. what do you mean by that? >> yeah, i mean, we've had, you know, several days in a row 1 president moves -- 1% moves. the market is only 3% off its high, but just given the price action, you know, this little bear action we're seeing, it feels like it's down a lot more. and let's face it, the market looks like it's off to its typical spring break that we've seen the past three years. the april to july or april to september period hasn't really been friendly to the equity markets, but, you know, maybe this year's different. liz: well, yeah, that is a possibility. but janet engel of rbc was just on, she does wealth management. she was saying, well, there's that concern and that fear about growth slowing down. i'm thinking we've had that since 2007, late 2007/2008. and so nonetheless, this market has in the past continued to climb the w
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Apr 17, 2013 4:00pm PDT
it covered right now it's not clear that that will happen. as i say it, it is clarified and craig boss well is live here in boston with me on this. craig, good evening to you. what more do you know about this? >> bill, good evening to you, yeah. we certainly have a lot of unanswered questions. there is a lot of anticipation trying to get this information out from fox reporting from our colleague rick leventhal a couple of key pieces of information that investigators are looking at two persons of interest that they have pictures of. think are distributing among law enforcement. not distributing among the public just yet that one of them has carrying a backpack. the other some type of bag. now, this is a very encouraging for people walking by because they are asking about this here. also very frustrating. that frustration showing up at the courthouse when there wasser reason reports of an arrest. they wanted to see who inflicted such pain on their still, and then, of course, the chaos that ensued when there was some type of threat and they had to evacuate the courthouse. that is underscoring
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Apr 18, 2013 6:00pm PDT
with an update with our very own craig boswell standing by with an update on the ground. craig? >> sean, good evening to you. along with the auditorium and dangerous, there was the caution don't approach these gentlemen, apprehend them, just give us a call if you know who they are. this video was just released a few hours ago is fairly clear. they believe someone will recognize these two gentlemen. they didn't go into further descriptions other than take a look at this video. one in a dark jacket, a dark hat. the other in a white hat. you can see the two walking single-file close to the finish line of the marathon. they didn't give any other description, didn't want to put anything in the minds of people looking at, other than take a look at this. you must recognize them. it's clear video, give us a call. we want to get these guys and question them. we have a monitor out here on the detroit, on boylston. when these pictures pop up, people walking by, this is a busy area. they stop and look. you walk by the bars and restaurants, the hotels here that are usually a lot of times on sport, they ha
Apr 5, 2013 7:00pm PDT
the national championship, mark koe tossed the ball and the fans there loved it. romo struck out allen craig and final score 1 to nothing. giants fans got in the spirit by wearing a lot of black and orange. >> i want to get romo attention. he's my favorite player. >> i wonder if she did -- honor for his nvpaward tomorrow and the giant players said to resooe their award serious ring on sun immaterial baseball returns for returns -- not if you need to park a car. >> this is a tail of two neighborho mission bay in off season and mission bay in the baseball season. then it's a place where everybody knows the giants players name. >> romo . >> the bar is a city of orange and black that ends and flows with the game schedules. >> at capacity most days at 40, 000 people. >> it's not all peanuts and cracker jacks, what's good for business can be frustrating for fans. at best once free parking has a two hour limits, not long enough for a game. >> did they up these meters for two hours so people can park for the game or not? no. >> the proposed site of the new warriors arena are not available fo
Apr 1, 2013 12:00pm PDT
they still need to eat their vegetables and with all the storytelling, washington wizards craig wahl was with the president joining him playing with the kids. thank you for joining us on ktvu channel 2 news be sure to join us again at 5:00.
Apr 24, 2013 4:00am PDT
its banks thursday morning and continue rising through next week. meteorologist craig setzer from our miami station wfor has the latest on the weather. >>> more rain has fallen through much of the area on tuesday. heavy rain falling on parts of illinois, missouri, indiana, as well as iowa into michigan. all of this activity is going to be slowly to the east. that's the only upside to this, that it's not going to last a whole lot longer. that rain moving out as we go through wednesday. heavy rain, though, possible, even snow in parts of northern michigan. heavy rain down that frontal system that works its way toward the east coast, but through the day today on the east coast, temperatures will be warm, mainly 70s. a break of what we've seen of late. break running from upstate new york all the way down to the gulf coast. cool air continues to spill southward into the dakotas and the southwest not looking too bad with sunshine in the 70s and 80s. temperatures in the 90s. craig setzer, cbs new, miami. >>> straight ahead in sports, new trouble for lance armstrong and meet the new bash brot
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